Show Violinist, Harpist, Composer

“I only have ONE goal,

and that is
to bring music that inspires,
lift the spirits, and brings inner peace…”

About me

Katrin Romanova was a child prodigy and at age 10 she began performing as a soloist and attending international competitions. She later
graduated from major conservatory in Russia, and since then she’s been traveling the world performing in various venues in Europe and Asia, as well as on cruise ships.

She found her place in London(UK), where her professionalism, pizzaz, and vitalityis highly in demand.

Katrin’s show includes a variety of styles and genres of violin music: classical,
pop, rock, and jazz successfully combine to create a fascinating performance.

“It is amazing to see such a talented violinist. You can see how her soul
speaks through her violin!” – her listeners.

Katrin’s passion for music never fades; while engaged in her concert career she
has expanded her skill by learning to play harp, guitar, piano, and drums. She is also a composer and a successful studio musician.

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